My journey began at the age of 23, when I decided to quit my office job as a weather forecaster in “channel 10 news”. Like many Israelis after the mandatory army service, I bought a flight ticket to Nepal and India, and embarked on a 7 months trip.

This was a life changing journey and a beginning of a new lifestyle.

For the first time in my life I climbed mountains, crossed rivers, took public buses in foreign countries, tasted new kinds of food, met interesting people from all over the world, learnt so much about myself and other cultures, and most of all, dared to follow my heart.

In that very first trip I began doing photography. It quickly became my life passion and profession. Today, I can not imagine myself without the camera.
With that camera I crossed the United States by foot on the Pacific Crest Trail, walking from Mexico to Canada, 2660 miles. The camera often led me where to head next on several journeys in Africa and America.

My name is Gil Gofer, and I’m a traveling photographer and adventurer.
Today I live in a van, a mobile space I built together with a friend. Together with nature and the inspiring and challenging roads, it is my ultimate home 🚐 🌎

I invite you on my journeys.


Cuyabeno wildlife reserve, the Ecuadorian Amazon

Story and Photographs.

01.05.2017 | Nat Geo Traveler, Hebrew edition

Comedy wildlife photography awards 2016

15.10.2015 | CNN

Comedy wildlife photography awards 2016

 | The Guardian

Video edit for fundraising campaign

Fundraising campaign for Roei "Jinji" Sadan, the Israeli cyclist who circled the world in a single continuous journey.

20.12.2017 | Indiegogo

“London & Kirschenbaum”, National TV, Israel

"...Next Thursday, exactly a week from now, the exhibition Mama Africa will open in Tel Aviv..."

11.02.2016 | Channel 10, Israel

“New Day” morning show, National TV, Israel

About the exhibition "Mama Africa" on the national morning show.

17.02.2016 | Channel 2, Israel

Interview at “Walla” NEWS, Tel Aviv

17.02.2016 | "Walla" NEWS studios, Israel

The heart of wild Amazonas

22.02.2017 | "Haaretz" national newspaper

״…Cheeky chimp flips the finger at a…”

21.12.2016 | British DailyMail

Gallery a day, “Hayom Shehaya”

09.02.2016 | Channel 10, Israel

Africa’s shades through the lens

02.05.2016 | "Haaretz" national newspaper

Into Namibia’s Koakoveld

01.03.2016 | "Masa Acher" national travel magazine

Nilly Dagan – artist’s forum

"Gil Gofer is a nature photography expert. His work has been published in National Geographic Traveler, CNN, The Guardian..."

01.04.2016 | Spotlight - artist's forum